If it doesn’t interest me fat chance on getting me to do it.


I have many varied interests but they tend to be set up in blocks of time in my life as opposed to overlapping each other.

There was the horse phase I was in when I was a child. I had many horse books and clothing for riding and a small saddle and bridle for my imaginary horse.

Then it was onto cars – specifically luxury cars like the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferraris. I took a trip to England and took pictures, many of them, of the expensive cars parked in various streets.

Then there was the obsession with computers. Couldn’t get enough to read about them and find out all the mysteries of the personal home computer. I took a Microsoft Network System specialist course and learned a lot about IP addresses and subnet masks and other network information.

Then there was the baby and pregnancy phase when I was pregnant with my daughters. Couldn’t get enough books about it all. Read voraciously all about every aspect of pregnancy and childhood. I could quote some parts of some books verbatim I think.

Then there was the bipolar discovery and having to find out all about that in great detail. It was a shock to realize that it was a life-time disorder that I’d not get over or couldn’t be cured with drugs. Many hours were spent perusing books on what type of bipolar I had, where I had to go for the disorder to be manageable in my head.

Then there was the Asperger’s syndrome/autism spectrum disorder diagnosis that I had to discover all about. This, to me, was the key in my life that I’d been missing. The particular book Aspergirls by Rudy Simone was suggested to me by my psychiatrist. I ended up having two copies of this excellent book. I’ve reread it many times since. I got the Tony Attwood book on the complete Asperger’s syndrome that he did.

Another massive interest of mine that has been sustained has been music. I’ve always loved the band Rush from Canada. Have owned most of their albums throughout the years.

Another massive interest to me is the game of World of Warcraft. I have characters created and can log on and play on them regularly. Just doing fun stuff in game with a good friend is a very relaxing and enjoyable time for me. Yes, it is repetitive in the extreme but I find it interesting still.

The latest fad of mine has been reading up about the brain and in particular ADHD and Autism. Been binge watching Adult diagnosis of Autism videos on Youtube and also ADHD life videos ie. people who have it and who are talking about it.