About me

I’m Deborah Staneland. My married name is Deborah Johnson. I’m living in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. I’m married to Tim Johnson and have two daughters Sarah and Victoria.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 after the birth of my second daughter. I was prescribed medication but wasn’t well monitored for a few years and had some awfully rough times in that period. When I started seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis and got on a more stable medication system, my life changed, a lot, for the better. At the moment I feel quite stable and happy and settled in myself.

I later found out from the psychiatrist that I had Asperger’s syndrome which is now folded into the autism spectrum diagnosis in the DSM-V which is the manual that psychologists and psychiatrists use to diagnose these disorders. It explained so much to myself why I had been the way I was all my life. Not so much a puzzle piece as the older autism logo was but a gigantic key, enormous in size that unlocked my true self. I felt extremely happy to discover at the age of 46 that I knew I wasn’t broken and defective, but simply different, unique, and special.

I’m very focused on my tasks that I do enjoy doing. I don’t like to be interrupted and have a hard time getting back to what I was doing. I quite likely have ADHD as well and am taking medication for that along with my bipolar meds. It does help, somewhat, with the scattered jumbled thoughts in my head.