About autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a large spectrum upon which lies very mild autistic traits to quite severe autism issues that greatly interfere with daily living. There is a saying: If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism. No two people are alike although a lot of us have ASD.

I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome which has since been folded into the autism spectrum disorder category. It’s not so much discarded as just seen as part of the spectrum. It tends to be more impactful on your life as opposed to just having some autistic traits such as my daughters. They’re been seen by a child psychiatrist who clarified that they don’t have “Asperger’s syndrome” per se but do show a number of autistic traits. The difficulty is that you can’t get as many special allowances from schools and universities when you just have traits and not the actual disorder!

If you have ASD there is a chance you have social difficulties and have difficulty with eye contact and being outspoken. Another facet is that you likely are a seer of patterns or shapes or number plates for instance. (I’m always making up words with the 3 or 4 letters of license plates for instance!) You may have sensitive touch, or feeling or to light and/or noise. Certain foods may bother you or their texture may be off-putting. Some says that daily personal up-keep is a real struggle. Some very much dislike showering, for instance, which can cause massive social problems if you smell. Many say that special interests are a real focus of their special unique world of ASD. We are a smart bunch who know a lot of things, but we can be incredibly dumb, as well, about basic stuff like how to tie your shoes, for instance. Or how to be polite at a party and let someone else speak without you interrupting them with your own thoughts and then carrying on for 10 minutes without letting them get a word in edgewise. And I must say this: over-sharing of your life history, your cat’s life history or otherwise TMI (too much information) that other people really don’t need to know and honestly don’t care about.