Order from Chaos by Jaclyn Paul

A book I’ve been reading that is subtitled this: the Everyday grind of Staying Organized with Adult ADHD

It starts out by saying that she, herself, has ADHD and runs a website called the ADHD Homestead. https://adhdhomestead.net/

She talks about how damaging her life was with untreated ADHD and how she very nearly lost her husband and marriage due to massive fights and disagreements. She wrote down the saying “Lazy is as Lazy does” something her husband had said to her in a fit of anger. She changed that around.

She continues to maintain good fitness because she has a key goal in her mind that she feels so good and happy when she does running. It is a key component of her toolkit in her mind. She asks us, the readers, to find that key that makes us want to change. She wants us to find the “WHY” in our lives. I’ve not read much more of the book – co-reading a few other books at the same time. But will revisit this post in a few weeks time and update it as I see fit.

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