Got some books about ADHD

I know I’ve got ADHD and am on medication for it. I got a few books on the subject. One is called Order from Chaos by Jaclyn Paul. It’s asking you to find your why? Why do you want to get organized? What is prompting you. She says that only when we have a greater urgency and purpose in mind will the want and the will to clean up the mess exist. External pressures and prods won’t do it in the long run.

Another book I got is “Organizing solutions for people with ADHD” by Susan C. Pinsky. She’s a professional organizer with a specialty in helping ADHD clients make order in their homes. She talks with a much more stern tone in her book how things have to be simple and tailored to short attention span people. She goes over the subject with a broad touch at the beginning, Then the second half of the book is organized into different rooms and areas that present their own challenges in organizing effectively.

I’ll report back if I find either of those helpful to me in my quest to organize my house.

Perfection is the enemy of good enough when it comes to organization of your home. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It does have to be good enough to cope.

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