I wonder how many women out there?

I wonder how many women out there have undiagnosed ADHD. Or Bipolar? Or Autism? If only they could find the key to unlocking why they are the way they are. It fills in so many gaps in your life when you discover the key to your personality … your being …. your self. It satisfies that need, that want in yourself to understand yourself. It’s a very powerful feeling indeed to understand yourself fully and completely or even just a lot more than you did before the diagnosis or discovery. I fully believe that self-diagnosis is quite valid. It’s necessary, in fact, I believe for you to believe in yourself and to take a formal diagnosis to that next level of comprehension and feeling.

It’s only when we know ourselves that we become comfortable with who we are in our skins. Only then can you love yourself fully and completely.

Got some books about ADHD

I know I’ve got ADHD and am on medication for it. I got a few books on the subject. One is called Order from Chaos by Jaclyn Paul. It’s asking you to find your why? Why do you want to get organized? What is prompting you. She says that only when we have a greater urgency and purpose in mind will the want and the will to clean up the mess exist. External pressures and prods won’t do it in the long run.

Another book I got is “Organizing solutions for people with ADHD” by Susan C. Pinsky. She’s a professional organizer with a specialty in helping ADHD clients make order in their homes. She talks with a much more stern tone in her book how things have to be simple and tailored to short attention span people. She goes over the subject with a broad touch at the beginning, Then the second half of the book is organized into different rooms and areas that present their own challenges in organizing effectively.

I’ll report back if I find either of those helpful to me in my quest to organize my house.

Perfection is the enemy of good enough when it comes to organization of your home. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It does have to be good enough to cope.

Another blog

I have discovered another blog I used to write in.


Contains some of the thoughts I had back in 2006 to 2009 approx. A few of the posts are a bit painful for me to read again. I can remember the struggles I had and efforts I took to overcome those hurdles of my mind. I think that one post where I describe going to see my psychiatrist in 2009 was when she suggested I may have Asperger's syndrome and to read up on it and let her know.

Happy Spring

Well the earth has travelled twice around the sun since I last did a happy spring post. Anyhow. in this year of the virus it’s nice to be able to get out and do things outside. Like take walks which are ever so necessary in my life. I really need to walk a lot more and a lot farther than I currently am able to do. Going to take advantage of the cool but slightly warm days between now and the end of June when the summer heat really starts up. In July of last year I didn’t walk at all and really missed that exercise. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been at the moment. It does not feel good, at all. Life has become too easy for me with ordering groceries online and simply going to pick them up. I don’t need to walk from the car into the store, then around the store to pick up all the items. I am missing out on that form of exercise, for sure. My health is suffering with this current state I’m in. I have high blood pressure, am clinically morbidly obese, and have weak muscles in my back which means I can’t stand for very long. Sitting too much has really put myself in a bad state.